7 Stealth Speaking Tips They Don't Teach You in Business School. Want to know what they are?

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    Give the best
    speech of your life.


    HI, I’M MIKE

    Too many speakers have great ideas that sound only okay from stage.

    They’re unclear, they cram in too much information, they’re fine but not memorable. Let’s change that. 

    Because here’s the thing:

    You can feel excited walking on stage. 

    You can be the talk of the conference.

    You can give the best presentation of your life.

    Let’s make this happen.




    Ways to work with me


    Guided individual support to go from idea inception to the best presentation of your life


    I act as your Comms coach to help with presentations, messaging and meetings


    Compressed prep for that presentation you should have started weeks ago.


    Schedule consultations sessions for speakers at your conference


    Below are sample of the entrepreneurs, authors and executives I’ve worked with. I’d list more but my web designer is telling me this takes up too much room already.

    With all the speaking I have done, I needed someone that could capture my voice authentically, while also allowing me to deliver the goods.
    — Scott Hamilton, US Olympic Gold Medalist

    amy porterfield.jpg
    I hired Mike two years in a row for my biggest presentations to date. After working together, I created my most favorite (and successful) presentation, which gave me incredible confidence to continue to speak on stage.
    — Amy Porterfield, Online Marketing Expert and Trainer

    I was so nervous to get on stage (speaking “virgin” here), but within 30 seconds I got a huge laugh from the audience, and I felt so comfortable up there — like I was born for the stage! I booked $21K in business directly after the event, and went on to have a sold out launch, and bank a total of $128,500 in one month.
    — Tarzan Kay, Launch Specialist
    I can’t say enough about the powerful, positive impact working with Mike has had on my speaking career. The way he blends his expertise with humor and humility made the daunting challenge of writing the biggest speech of my career an enjoyable process.
    — Ian Morgan Cron, author of The Road Back to You

    pat flynn.jpg
    Mike went above and beyond in order to help me craft an amazing presentation and have me be ready and confident enough to deliver it. I continue to get emails and messages from people who attended my presentation who tell me that it was the best presentation they saw during the entire conference.
    — Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income

    Since I started working with Mike, I’ve refined my entire presentation, revamped my slides, and tripled my speaking rate.
    — James Clear, New York Times bestselling author, Atomic Habits




    For 7+ years I flew the world giving presentations on how to give presentations. So meta.

    I trained close to 10,000 people from some of the most revered companies in the world. I presented at conferences, at tech companies, at startups, at the federal government.

    I’ve presented to a thousand people. I presented to five.

    I’ve presented when my laptop froze, when my slides didn’t work, when there was a fire alarm mid-speech. 

    I’ve presented on two-hours sleep, I’ve presented jetlagged, I’ve presented when there’s no coffee to be found.

    I could keep going but I think you get the point. I have been in just about every speaking situation there is. I’d love to share those secrets with you.

    I’ll help you take the anxiety out of speaking so your ideas can flourish. You’ll be able to confidently deliver a speech that leaves your audience wanting more. 




    Get in touch

    I’d love to hear more about your next speech. Or feel free to reach out below with any questions, comments, or tips on where to find Sasquatch.



    Mike Pacchione
    Portland, OR